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Re: Debian on 12" PowerBook G4 (867MHz)

On Sun, Feb 29, 2004 at 09:48:46PM +1300, James Whatever wrote:
> 	Should I be trying to use RivaFB on this hardware?  Will the
>  	openfirmware framebuffer be okay?
Rivafb is broken in 2.6.3. It works with some patches in 2.6.2 and

> 	How can I get multi-head working on this machine?
Not without rivafb. I have this working in 2.4.2X when I plug in the
external monitor on system boot. I don't think we have proper code to
initialize the second head after that, neither in Rivafb nor in XFree86.

> 	What packages should I have installed to get GLX/accelleration
> 	working on this nv card?
None. There is no hardware accelerated OpenGL on Linux/PPC for nv based
 -- Guido

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