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Re: Stopping X

hi nicholas...

* Nicholas Williams <Nicholas.Williams@oberlin.edu> [2004-02-23 09:02 +0100]:
> I have just installed Debian onto my powerbook, but I think I misconfigured X. When it starts up, there is nothing but jumbled graphics. I would like to boot without X so I can try and fix it, but I cant seem to do that. I tried ctl-option-delete and ctl-option-f1m but that just restarts X, it doesnt give me the command line. Can anyone tell me how to get the command line back?

perhaps, booting into single-user mode helps as well. on your yaboot
prompt you might append the number of the run-level to boot into. for

boot: linux 1

to get into single-user mode which is usually without XFree86. of
course, "linux" has to be replaced by the label you actually use.

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