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Re: XFree86 on Albook 15"?

El vie, 12-12-2003 a las 03:03, Ryan Verner escribió:
> Hiya,
> I'm a proud owner of a new 15" 1.25ghz (w/ Superdrive) Powerbook

Welcome... :)

> , and although
> OS X runs beautifully on this, I'm keen to dual boot it with a small Debian
> install; my previous laptop (15" 500mhz Powerbook) absolutely screamed with a
> Sid install.  It's been a while since I've done PPC Debian, though.
> I followed various instructions to get it all installed via a later
> kernel/yaboot, then compiled my own kernel from rsync'ing ben's sources.  This
> all works fine.
> XFree86, however, doesn't want to play.  I assume I've got a Radeon 9600
> Mobility; neither the ati or radeon drivers, with or without framebuffer, even
> see the card.  I even tried upgrading to experimental's xfree86, but it still
> doesn't want to play.

Well, I have exactly the same machine, and right now have working the
next things:
1- X with 2d acceleration
2- Light sensors with keyboard backlight and lcd automatic adjust
3- pcmcia
4- fan control to cool the computer

> I'll link to relevant outputs/config files below; no point cluttering up
> people's inboxes with junk.
> dmesg: http://computeraddictions.com.au/tmp/albook/dmesg.txt
> XFree86 output: http://computeraddictions.com.au/tmp/albook/dmesg.txt
> XF86Config: http://computeraddictions.com.au/tmp/albook/xfree86.txt (very
> basic, but *should* be enough to bring up a x cursor, right?)
> Apologies if this all has been covered before; I've been googling all morning,
> and haven't found anything.  Just link to the relevant thread/URL if it has
> been :-)
> Any other tips, XFree86 related or not, from other Albook users would also be
> greatly appreciated.
> Thanks.
> R
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