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Re: Can't get the modem working with 2.6


In my case, I coudnŽt recompile under 2.6.2-rc1-ben1 either. They answer

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Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 20:58:05 -0500
From: "Linuxant support (Jonathan)" <support@linuxant.com>
Subject: Re: Problems compiling HCF 1.0 against 2.6.2-rc1-ben1
To: "J. Javier Maestro" <jjmaestro@computer.org>
Cc: support@linuxant.com


this is a known problem and we are working on it. We will contact you back 
when we have found a solution to this problem.


Technical specialist / Linuxant

On Saturday 31 January 2004 14:30, you wrote:
> Hi There!
> First of all, thanks for your support for the Powerbook modem. My kudos
> go to all of you who develop drivers that allow us, the users, to use
> our hardware.
> Secondly, I would like to compile my HCF usb modem modules, but an error
> happens (see attached buildlog) and I donÅœt know if that error is due to
> a kernel misconfiguratin on my side, or to something else.
> For further information, I am also sending the output of the hcfdiag
> option. I hope it helps and I can get a nice little answer from you that
> allow me to compile clean (like I did before in 2.4.2?? with the 0.98
> version!). If I can manage to compile clean, and I manage to make the
> modem work in Spain, I might consider getting the full version. But I
> have to compile it first! :)
> Thanks so much for your time and dedication.
> Cheers,
> -- 
>  .''`.  
> : :'  :     J. Javier Maestro
> `. `'`   <jjmaestro@computer.org>
>   `-    http://rigel.homelinux.com/

!! [See attached buidlog] !!

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My error was different from yours though (my laptop is a PowerBook
Titanium 1GHz, so perhaps that affects somehow :-? )

Anyone else, any ideas??


: :'  :     J. Javier Maestro
`. `'`   <jjmaestro@computer.org>
  `-    http://rigel.homelinux.com/

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