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Network card can parse and reply packets, but can not send

I'm still having trouble with my Performa 6360 w/ Ethernet card. I just upgraded to 2.6.1 (from a working 2.4.x) and have this trouble. I have assigned a static configuration for now - ip (DHCP does not work.) When I ping from it to my other machine here (, it does not reply but the light on my home router begins to flicker, indicating some sort of traffic.

When I ping from .3 to .4, everything works perfectly.

Therefore, I'm guessing that my 2.6.1 machine can read incoming and reply to ECHO packets, but can't create them itself... I've searched with Google and have been unsuccessful. Anyone know anything about how I might solve this?



Steven Schlansker
Tech Support & Programming

Flamin' Ghost Software


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