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Re: [patch] Brightness control on 12" albook

> Doesn't happen with 2.4.23-ben1 (of not quite so recent vintage). In fact,
> the brightness setting doesn't seem to scale too bad.
Glad to hear this. For improved scaling I'll have to collect some more
data points which involves adjusting the brightness in MacOS X and
reading it in Linux later. I'm too lazy for that at the moment.

> With 2.6, I haven't debugged further yet. We might need to hold the
> console lock when accessing the card.
I'm not yet familiar with the new framebuffer code.

> lspci -vv for the card attached (GeForce 2 MX / 400). Is that all you
> need?
It doesn't show the PCI-Id, or did I miss it?
 -- Guido

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