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Re: The scancode of a key has changed under 2.6

Le Tue, Jan 13, 2004 at 08:32:37PM +0100, Laurent Bigonville a écrit :
>>Since I have installed the 2.6.1-rc1-ben1 (maybe the same problem with
>>the previous version of the 2.6) the scancode of the key with 
>>and the pound sign (on my azerty keyboard) has changed.
>>Under 2.4 the scancode was 0x2b (keycode 43) and now under the 2.6 the 
>scancode is 0x54 (keycode 84)...
>hu? no answer? is my english so awful?
>on startup i get an error, i don't know if it's related


console-tools is broken is current Sid, there's a whole lot of bugs
filed against this. There's even a patch submitted, that works well (at
least here :)
Don't know about your keycode though, as everything's fine on my iBook

Lucas Moulin

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