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Re: Apple LCD and radeon 7000PCI

On Sat, 2004-01-10 at 12:55, David Ulrich wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a powerpmac 9500MP on debian 2.4.23. I install a radeon 7000 
> PCI. I build a kernel for it.
> It works well with a vga display (Sony CPD200EST) on xfree and in the 
> console mode.
> But I try to put an Apple studio display 17 LCD on the DVI (with apple 
> adc to dvi adapter) and I have no screen. The display won't start!
> Is ther e a solution?

First try with the radeonfb that is in 2.6.1-ben1

If it still doesn't work, capture the kernel messages of the "failed" boot
and send them to me (from /var/log/kern.log) so I can try to figure out
what is wrong.


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