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Re: help PowerBook G4 sleep works.

On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 17:57, Hugang wrote:
> Hi Benjamin Herrenschmidt:
> >From maillist, I heard you are working on a Open Fireware Emulator to
> do soft-boot the video chip on wakeup, What's the status? 

That was just an idea, I didn't start working on that and will
probably not have time for a long time.... For machines with an ATI
chip, there is still hope I get something from ATI sooner or later.
nVidia chips are hopeless, though I do intend at one point to implement

> I have a PowerBook G4 with linux 2.6.0 + fake sleep patch, Now most
> hardware after sleep can wakeup expect video card, attched file is 
> the wakeuped dmesg.log.

Which model of PowerBook G4 ?

> By the way, Do you know the airpot status in linux?

Airpot ? No ... Airport eventually :) Old airport is fully supported,
Airport Exteme isn't and will probably never be as it's a Broadcom chipset
and those guys basically aren't interested in seeing a linux driver for
their chipset.


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