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Debian 3 disk 1 bootable?

Hi, i am a newbie in Debian world.

I have an imac (powerpc 750, floppyless) , and have installed Mandrake cooker 
(9.1 in fact..): it works fine. Now i want to try Debian. I have downloaded, 
with jigdo, the first "testing" powerpc iso yesterday: 
debian-31-powerpc-binary-1.iso. It does not boot on the imac, unlike Mandrake 
disks... I have looked inside the iso and didn't found vmlinuz image or 
something like that. In the doc, they said that newworld powerpc - like my 
imac, which has not floppy, should boot on cd. Yaboot is still installed 
since Mandrake did it, and when i push the "c" key, the imac it stopping on 
"booting cdrom".

Thank for you help.


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