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sshd in stable doesn't start anymore and few other problems trojan?

I have few weird things going on with stable debian.
First of all I have started to see a lot of processes that don't quit.
mostly exim process and modprobe
exim -bs
/sbin/modprobe -s -k -- net-pf-10

and so on repeated, after a while those processes slow down system

I can get rid of modprobe by adding local_interfaces= my_ip_number :

but then every exim process with was delivering mail stay in the process
list even after successful delivery ( like /usr/sbin/exim/ -Mc
and so on up to 50 processes)

sshd doesn't work anymore - no error everything looks ok but it doesn't

This happened on two stable machines after compiling kernel on them (it
didn't compile - there was error along the way - but since then all of
this start happening.) one of the machines was running without problems
for over a year.
Is it possible that rsync sources could be trojaned?
Or I'm just missing something.
Tell me what you think.

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