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system clock drift in Debian 3.0r2 (Woody) on PB G4

My system clock is losing more than one minute out of every five minutes. Here are my system details:

Hardware:  Powerbook G4 667 MHz
Debian:    3.0r2 (Woody), PowerPC
Kernel:    2.4.23 (benh)

I have also seen this behavior under Yellow Dog Linux 3.0, which I believe is also running a 2.4.x kernel. It looks as though my timebase frequency is synced with the decrementer frequency reported in the boot-up messages. I am currently sync'ing my system clock every five minutes with the time server at work, which not viable, long-term.

Please email me directly with any hints or solutions you might have, and I will summarize to the list. Thanks very much!

-- Bill Edwards

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