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Re: need (pmac owner help) with powerpc package.

> > > If you have a better idea - it only affects text console, and unless you
> > > find someone to debug the accel routines, it's better than screen garbage.
> > > Ben disabled text accel in 2.6, BTW.
> >
> > Damn.  It sounded like you were discussing my problem there for a second.  In
> > 2.6, I get an X cursor (ie, the initial "X" cursor from xwindows in my
> > console while the machine is shutting down.  The text is green, also.  It's
> > not causing me any real problems, except for worrying the hell out of me.
> > Stuff like that just can't be good :)

Sounds rather like screen blanking doesn't work quite right, or switching
from X to text console has problems. Since that only happens on shutdown,
I'd disregard it (similar stuff happens with rivafb in 2.4 and 2.4, and it
doesn't hurt).

> >
> > Anyone seen this?
> The right place to ask this is on the linux-fbdev mailing list, look at
> the project on sourceforge for more details.

Well, the right place to ask about powermac kernel bugs would have been
linuxppc-dev, then. We're still answering most of the kernel related stuff
here, anyway.


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