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Re: kernel advice for ibook g3

On 12/12/03 12:44:10, Mathieu Segaud wrote:

I'm currently running 2.6.0-test11 with ben's changes and some from mm
tree and I got all of this working:
swap crypted with aes
xfs partition crypted with aes
3d accel with (Michel Daenzer dri trunk)
snd-powermac (still some problems with sleep)

sleep is working
I can give you my .config if you want

that would be great

(I merged alsa-1.0.0-rc2 in my 2.6.0-test11+benh)

??? what do you mean with that, heard that alsa modules shipped with kernel are working quite well except for beep, or is there anything to do?

thx flo

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