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Re: Getting a cursor in console

news.malik@gmx.net wrote:

If this helps take a look at the kernel documentation for details, the relevant part is "Software cursor for vga" (file VGA-softcursor.txt)

I'm embarassed to say so, but I couldn't find doc specifcally for kernel. I looked in /usr/doc & /usr/share/doc

No need to embarrassed, everyone has to learn stuff at some point.
The kernel documentation indeed resides in a non-standard directory.
Installing the kernel-source (package kernel-source-version) installs
a tarball named kernel-source-version.tar.bz2 in /usr/src which includes the kernel documentation.



Thanks again for valuable guidance, Joe. I installed the kernel-source pkg, unpacked the tar.bz2 file--and now I have enough documentation to keep me busy for quite awhile! It really helped, this hands-on experience in getting documentation in place. (That's one thing I like about Debian--documentation seems better & much more extensive than in YDL, the distro I've been using.)


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