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Re: kernel advice for ibook g3

Le ven 12/12/2003 à 11:27, florian klinglmueller a écrit :
> first i want to start with kernel. my question:
> what version do you suggest
> i`m running debian unstable
> requirements:
> sound*, 3d accel, x*, gnome*, cryptoloop, usb storage*, sleep*
> (* these things are actualy working with my old 2.4.22-benh kernel)

I've got the exact same iBook (well, 12" screen, don't know about
yours). I've put a Debian page on my website, which includes my kernel
and some configuration files. It's in french, but it's pretty simple to
find the links :) It's available at : http://brebis.org/debian

> besides can you point me to "good" doc for kernel compile/install  
> process for my hardware

Well, you can check out all the guides you can find at 
http://tuxmobil.org/apple.html . That's why I did, though I already knew
some stuff about compiling kernels before I got my iBook, since I've
been running Debian for a couple of years.

Lucas Moulin <lucas@lautre.net>

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