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ibook didn't detect hard drive


I just recently got a new ibook G4 with an 80gb hard drive. I have created the HFS partition for the four file(yaboot, yaboot.conf, root.bin, linux.bin) hard drive boot. I used those files to boot the ibook using Open Frimware. Once the installer os boots up it fails to detect the hard drive. Instead it puts the cdr/cdrom drive on hda. I have googled on this subject and it seems the Slackintosh has the same problem. I have included the link.


Judging by the discussion it seems the kernel needs to be rebuilt. Before I dive into the process I was hoping someone knew the exact details of the kernel options needed to detect the new ibook hard drive? I am also going to have to look up information on how to change either root.bin or linux.bin to the new kernel. I know how to build kernels I just don't know how to build a kernel that will be used for installation, and I don't know where to put it.

Mike Power

P.S. I am not on the list so could you CC me your replys

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