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Re: Regarding GTKPBBUTTONSD and list participation


k, harvey i just found that link explaining all about the pbbuttonsd..

an about the UTC, im in kde 2.2.2 theres no utc thing but i turned off any 
timezone setting..havent boot in osX yet to see...but thanks again.

On Wednesday 03 December 2003 15:06, you wrote:
> Hey nmp,
> Can't help w the gtk stuff--before yesterday I never heard of
> pbbuttonsd! But maybe can help on the clock (below).
> nmp||| wrote:
> > im amazed how much feedback this thread has got...ITOH my last emails
> > asking for help havent got any attention...yes my fault phps cause im
> > not good enough in stating my problems installing debian for the 1rst
> > time on my ppc...but anyway i wont stop asking, heres my S.Q of the day:
> >
> >
> > how can i set the clock to keep its correct time, everytime i boot in
> > OSX i have to change time&date, the same thing when i boot into
> > linux..if i change one the other will be set to the wrong time...and
> > both are set to the same timezone??
> I had the same problem. Do this (you KDE?--if not, figure out the
> eqivalent for getting into your date/time config's):
> On the KDE kicker menu: System Settings > Date & Time, enter root
> password. "Date/Time Properties" dialogue box pops up, probably with the
> Date & Time tab active. Click on the other tab, "Time Zone." See the
> check box "System clock uses UTC" at the bottom? Bet it's checked,
> right? >Un-check it.< Now click back on the Date & Time tab & set your
> clock to the correct time. Next time you boot into OSX, the clock will
> be right over there, too.
> "UTC" is the same as "GMT", Greenwich Meridian Time. Usually a Linux
> system would set the system clock with "UTC" enabled. However, if you're
> dual booting w another OS, enabling that option will cause the behavior
> you're seeing.
> HTH,    --Harvey
> > 2nd S.Q, are those gtkpbbuttonsd only working in gnome?? i have
> > installed powerprefs, pbbutons an their correspondent libs, but im
> > always failing to make install gtkpbbuttonsd..and yes gtk+-2 is also
> > already installed...
> >
> > i need to get the second mouse button running, and theres no keyboard
> > combination that works neither, thuough i can type emails an manage
> > almost all through the window menus.
> >
> >
> > ok, gracias, again
> > nmp
> >
> > ::::::12/3/03 6:37 PM +0100 Wolfgang Pfeiffer escribio ::::::-->
> >>
> >> Hi Barry,
> >> We're not all the same here. There are different people on this list,
> >> like everywhere: Some are strange guys that I simply ignore, many others
> >> here helped me a lot.
> >>
> >> I find it a bit boring here sometimes, that's true: Our sense of humour
> >> might be a bit underdeveloped  here, and we have here some very few guys
> >> who, as it seems, do not like it very much if people make jokes on linux
> >> and those using this OS: I simply ignore these people, and I'll be
> >> making my stupid jokes on me, linux, its users and the rest of the world
> >> like I always did ... :)
> >>
> >> Another important point: For some of us --and I'm one of them -- English
> >> is not the primary language: That's perhaps why the wording of our mails
> >> sometimes appears to be very terse and "frozen" -- might be very well
> >> it's not much fun to read our mails ...
> >>
> >> On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 23:14, Barry Hawkins wrote:
> >>>  To the list at large,
> >>>     I have been working on getting a Debian install up on my system
> >>> for ~
> >>>  2 weeks now, and I find myself dreading when I have to post a
> >>> question,
> >>>  because getting an answer on these lists can be pretty daunting.  When
> >>>  you do get an answer, it is often a sparse reply indicating "you're
> >>> not
> >>>  doing it right" or "you're using the wrong thing".  Well - yeah, I
> >>>  guess so, or I wouldn't be having the problems I am having.
> >>>
> >>  >    Seriously, folks, when you have new folks coming to a list, it's

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