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Re: Regarding GTKPBBUTTONSD and list participation

> i need to get the second mouse button running, and theres no keyboard 
> combination that works neither, thuough i can type emails an manage 
> almost all through the window menus.
you have to edit your /etc/sysctl.conf. 

I have add 
#activate Mouse Buttoms
dev.mac_hid.mouse_button_emulation = 1
#dev.mac_hid.mouse_button2_keycode = 
dev.mac_hid.mouse_button3_keycode = 96

so i have the right mouse button on the key left of (Left Arrow/Home). 
And I emulate the middle mouse button. It works for me. But there are a
lot of other solutions.

For example:
"By editing /etc/sysctl.conf with a couple of things recommended by
Lashi, I've got Fn+Ctrl being the middle button and Fn+Alt (otherwise
known as Option) acting as the right mouse button."

You have to activate this option in your kernelconfig 


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