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Re: Regarding participation on this list


> because getting an answer on these lists can be pretty daunting.  When
> you do get an answer, it is often a sparse reply indicating "you're not
> doing it right" or "you're using the wrong thing".  Well - yeah, I
> guess so, or I wouldn't be having the problems I am having.

Try to keep in mind that lots of people on this list post on their spare
time, and often lack time... A short answer telling you to give a look at
A or B is an attempt to help without "losing" too much time. I'm
personnaly astonished by the ratio of questions/answers, even if
incomplete. Consider also that some people keep helping others even though
they're already dedicating lots (and lots) of their time helping in other
ways (Think of all the answers people like Michael Daenzer of BenH, for
example, can post even if they already spend all their time making Linux a
reality for us PPC users).

Ne disez pas disez, mais disez dites

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