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Re: Sleep problems in kernel 2.6 from mvista.com

> > Do you have X running ? Same problem if not ? Does the screen come back
> > up at all or not ?
> I've been doing some more tests and the results are random. I tried three 
> ways of suspending the machine:
> 1.- Closing the lid (pmud).
> 2.- Issuing the snooze command (pmud-utils).
> 3.- Some code I've been playing with some time ago [See below].

You didn't reply about running X or not. Can you try in pure console
without X beeing ever started ? Also, which radeonfb driver did you
use ? My 2.6 tree contains actually 2 of them. (Make sure you are
using my tree btw, mainstream 2.6 doesn't contain up to date sleep
support yet).

Regarding the specs... well... we had _some_ from MkLinux or earlier
Darwin sources (though Apple quickly un-opensourced the PMU driver),
from the Open Firmware forth code, and for things related to sleep,
a whole bunch of reverse engineering & trial & error...

For the code putting the radeon chips to sleep & waking them up, you
have to thank ATI for providing it.


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