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Re: upgrade of kernel breaks drm/dri?

On 01 Dec 2003 at 08h12, Colin Leroy wrote:


> I have exactly the same behaviour on iBook G4. /dev/dri is empty. I have
> DRI's xfree CVS installed and modules agpgart and radeon are inserted. 
> If I try to create the nodes with mknod (c 226 0), startx removes
> them... 
> I don't know what to do. Could someone help ? thanks in advance...

Replying to myself. 
I see a lot of patches from Michael at http://penguinppc.org/~daenzer. Do
i have to patch my xc tree with something ? (Michael, I can't use your
builds as I run gentoo ;-))

Thanks again,
Signature de merde

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