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Re: Ext3 fs

On Thu, 2003-11-27 at 14:02, Harvey Ussery wrote:
> I recently installed (from official CD set) DebPPC3.0(Woody) on 800Mhz 
> iMac 17" LCD. When it came time to install/format the filesystem I was 
> only given the option of ext2, which surprised me, since ext3 has been 
> available for some time. Did I miss something? (I know that you add a -j 
> to the format command if working from the command line; but I was not at 
> the command line, I was simply responding to the installer's prompts.) 
> Will I be able to reformat my Deb install to ext3 later?     Thanks.   
>  --Harvey

You may have installed a 2.2 kernel (the default on woody disks IIRC)
which does not support ext3, although - i'd be surprised if 2.2 worked
on such modern hardware... at least at any reasonable speed...

but yeah, the -j option to tune2fs mentioned in other mails works a

Stewart Smith (stewart@flamingspork.com)

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