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Re: Linux on new powerbooks


B. Bogart a écrit:
Hey all,

I will soon be getting a new power book for OSX and Linux development.

Linux (the real) or "Apple version of XFree" ?  :-)

Has anyone got linux going on one of these machines?

Yes. Mine is an 1,25 SD (15") with a 5400 rd/min hd. New (second) screen , because of white spots and co :-/

eric@alube:~$ cat /proc/cpuinfo
processor	: 0
cpu		: 7457, altivec supported
clock		: 1249MHz
revision	: 1.1 (pvr 8002 0101)
bogomips	: 763.49  #######   <---- yes, funny :-)
machine		: PowerBook5,2
motherboard	: PowerBook5,2 MacRISC3 Power Macintosh
detected as	: 287 (Unknown Intrepid-based)
pmac flags	: 00000008
L2 cache	: 512K unified
memory		: 512MB
pmac-generation	: NewWorld

But it's not very easy to install it (Apple don't help in any way). It's the beginning :-)

For example, I'm using Linux running a Debian sid on it.

2.6.0test9 kernel seems to work very well, and I have texte mode with 1280x968 (I think with framebuffer).

network works perfectly. I've installed an ma111 usb-gadget to can use wifi in front of my TV :-) Works perfectly too, except the WEP encryption because I have no time to read the _big_wlanctl-ng documentation/list of existing commands.

pcmcia seems to work too

(for now I'm testing a wifi card, model Belkin F5D6020 ver.2 (0x01bf, 0x3302) with pcmcia_core atmel_cs, yenta_socket, ds modules on 2.6.0test9).Configuration is not yet completed, but this card seems to work.

Sound works too : play something.wav works perfectly.

usb (1.x and 2) works perfectly

The features I need are:
firewire support (for video stuff, including dv1395 modules etc..)

dv1394, no ? Not tested yet(no time), but seems to do "little" ooops while booting.

accelerated 3D on the radeon 9600

no. not yet. XFree don't even work for me. Don't know why, because I'm using the last drm-trunk-src module...I sure miss something :-)

FYI : for accelerated 3D, you'll have to wait a little :-)

Features that I would like:
airport extreme support

Are you serious ? :-)

No, of course, airport extreme don't work. I think this wireless will *never* work on Linux, except if Broadcom make a binary. Not for today, nor for tomorrow. The wifi chipset specifications can't be given.
And the fu... apple-modem will never work too with free driver.

And again there's no help from Apple...

dual-monitor support for the radeon 9600

No. The radeon 9600 support is very minimum for now. XFree is known to work with the Gentoo distribution. So it's possible...

I think you'll have more luck buying an older powerbook with the radeon 9000, because (if I'm not wrong) this chipset works perfectly, accelerated 3D too under GNU/Linux

Best regards, eric bachard

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eric b

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