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nautilus scripts - feature missing?

Hi all,

I´m running unstable on the TiBook IV 1Ghz, with Gnome 2.4 (as it is
from unstable).

In Nautilus from Gnome 2.2 there was the scripts folder and I could 
run my nautilus scripts without problems.

But since Gnome 2.4 packages came out the scripts entry at the file menu 
is missing. In the Gnome help nautils scripts is a available chapter so
i don´t think this feature has been removed.

Did I forgot to install some nautilus packages?
ii  libnautilus2-2 2.4.1-3        libraries for nautilus components -runtime 
ii  libnautilus2-d 2.4.1-3        libraries for nautilus components -developm
ii  nautilus       2.4.1-3        file manager and graphical shell for GNOME
ii  nautilus-apoth 0.2-4          A CVS view for Nautilus
ii  nautilus-cd-bu 0.5.3-2        CD Burning front-end for Nautilus
ii  nautilus-data  2.4.1-3        data files for nautilus
ii  nautilus-media      Multimedia goodies for Nautilus

My language settings are set to german.

Is the nautilus script feature missing in the debian packages?

thanks for you help.


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