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Re: 12" G4 iBook

On Wed, 2003-11-19 at 19:50, William R Sowerbutts wrote:
> Is anyone using Debian on this hardware? I suspect the problem areas would be:
>  - Sleeping and successfully waking the machine
>  - XFree86 acceleration for the Radeon 9200

The latter shouldn't care much about 9200 vs. 9000; the same may even be
true for the former (any idea, Ben?).

> Out of interest, how would the 800MHz G4 perform against my current iBook's
> 700MHz G3? I'm not really interested in floating point performance. The G3 has
> a shorter pipeline, twice the L2 cache but the core clock is 100MHz slower and
> the FSB is only 100MHz vs 133MHz on the G4.

Hard to say, I guess either could be faster depending on what you do,
but of course the G4 will wipe the floor with the G3 for anything that
can use Altivec.

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