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Re: CFP (Call for Participation) Debian PPC64

On Tue, 2003-11-11 at 14:36, Kevin B.Hendricks wrote:

> I got got a dual Operton system that is similar in many ways to the
> PPC64 versus 32 issue in that 32 bit apps run at full speed under 
> Opteron.

Me too.

> Using that as an example:
> - kernel is 64 bit supporting both 32 but and 64 bit syscalls
> - /lib and /lib64 both exist

Now try compiling the XFS RPMs natively.
It requires quite a bit of hacking, because
of that damn broken /lib64 invention.

We use to use /usr/lib/i386-unknown-aout for
our old a.out executables. Follow that example.
So for PowerPC:

64-bit in /lib and /usr/lib
32-bit in /usr/lib/elf32-powerpc

> - tool chain defaults to 64 bit but with addition of -m32 wll generate 
> 32 bit
> - gdb32 and gdb available
> - almost all packages are compiled 64 bit src rpms, with just a few key 
> libraries done in 32 bit
> This system works quite well as a research box, able to compile and run 
> 32 bit apps like SAS, but also able to compile and use R and my own 
> code using -m64 that allow its numberical processing power to shine.

At least for me (Red Hat Enterprise 3) the -m64 is
not needed. The compiler defaults to 64-bit.

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