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Re: xpdf vs. gv or kghostview

Hej Nirmal,

> Hi.. not sure if this is the correct list for this but - why is it that 
> some pdf documents when viewed in xpdf look great but look crappy when 
> viewed in gv or kghostview? By crappy I mean that the fonts look ugly 
> (not as ugly as what one gets in Acrobat with the standard Latex CMR 
> fonts) but it seems like some option is missing.. I do have antialias on 
> in gv but that doesn't seem to be helping.. I like xpdf but there's no 
> option to print in it so I need to use either gv or kghostview to do 
> that.. so I was hoping to do the reading part also in one of latter 
> softwares..
I am not sure what the problem is precisely - I think it is some
problem with font management. 

I have some files that only look good in xpdf and look completely
ugly in gv; on the other side, I've got documents that only are
viewable in gv and don't show any font/letter in xpdf. 

I guess that's some form of 'freedom of choice' :)

for printing in xpdf: there's a 'printer' button at the bottom;
it will print to a .ps file (which, btw, always looks great in
gv). this can be printed with lpr, as usual.

Philipp Kaeser

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