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I used without troubles amsn8.0
Now i have to upgrade to amsn8.3
i can use it without troubles without ssl (disabling it in the profile 
window), but the password is send in plain text.
If i want to use with ssl, it requires tls1.4, in my intel system i just 
download the binary and uses it with no problem.
In my tibook, (there is no ppc binary, so) i download the source and install 
it (configure, make, make install), and copy libtls1.4.so,  pkgIndex.tcl 
and tls.tcl files to my .amsn/plugins/tls1.4/ directory.

It doesn't work, the system still says tls not installed.
In preferences window, in TLS section, i had defined:

/home/myhome/.amsn/plugins/tls1.4/	still no work
/usr/local/tls1.4/			still no work
/usr/local/lib/	(where make install put the files)	still no work

What directory i have to define for the system detects tls1.4?
Or what i have to do to work with ssl?


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