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Re: quik kernel size limit

On  16 Oct, this message from Chris Tillman echoed through cyberspace:
>> Chris, since you're rebuilding quik :-), maybe you can give this a
>> try as well?
> I can; I need to hook up a SCSI disk to really test it? Does the root
> partition/kernel have to be on the SCSI?

Well, I asked myself that same question, and it does seem that the
second stage's ext2 code can only access SCSI disks??

In load_file() (second/file.c), we first make OF open the device where
we want to load the kernel from, and then ext2fs_open() with /dev/sdaX
as device path. Unless ext2fs_open doesn't care about the path itself?

Ahh, that seems to be the case. We give the ext2 functions a pointer to
an array with our own IO functions, and those seem to just extract the
partition number (albeit again only a single digit...). See for instance
linux_open() in second/file.c

But I'm too tired to patch that one as well tonight :-)



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