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poewerpc kernel 2.4.22-2 ...


I would like people to test the new packages i have made available at :


The novelty of these packages against the 2.4.22-1 ones is that, despite
all kernels being still vmlinu[xz]-2.4.22-powerpc, they now come in
different subarch specific images. I have also separated the modules out
of the image packages so as to not repeat them 4 times. The old -powerpc
package is still there, but i would like to see it go away in the
future, but it seems that the limitations of kernel-package don't let me
do this right now. Mmm, it seems i didn't copy it from the
debian/built-tmp directory where they were created, which is just as

So, the packages come in two configuration, powerpc and powerpc-smp,
which vary only with SMP support, and the files are (for powerpc) :

  kernel-headers-2.4.22_2.4.22-2_powerpc.deb : the headers, as usual.
  kernel-patch-2.4.22-powerpc_2.4.22-2_all.deb : the patch package 

  kernel-image-2.4.22-powerpc-pmac_2.4.22-2_powerpc.deb : pmac (old and new) kernel
  kernel-image-2.4.22-powerpc-chrp_2.4.22-2_powerpc.deb : chrp and pegasos kernel
  kernel-image-2.4.22-powerpc-chrp-rs6k_2.4.22-2_powerpc.deb : chrp-rs6k kernel
  kernel-image-2.4.22-powerpc-prep_2.4.22-2_powerpc.deb : prep kernel
  kernel-modules-2.4.22-powerpc_2.4.22-2_powerpc.deb : kernel modules.

And these 5 are repeated for the powerpc-smp configuration, naturally.
That said, looking at the i386 kernels, it seem that the headers would
need to be repeated too for the powerpc-smp, and i should provide a
kernel-build package for building modules for these kernels from outside
sources. This is still on my TODO item.

Once i get a positive feedback for these, and once auric is up again, i
will upload those to the new queue, and the only thing remaining would
be :

  1) Reduce the size of the powerpc kernel to fit on a floppy with miboot.

  2) Manage to build the kernel+initrd combo outside of the kernel
  sources, so that they can be used to embed the debian-installer initrd
  during debian-installer build, for chrp and chrp-rs6k at least.

  3) Provide the kernel-build packages for building sources.

  4) Fix or test if still existing the remaining bugs, among them some
  coming from the 2.2.x kernels.

So, please test these kernels, and not simply ignore them like you all
did last time. Anyway, as soon as the package is in good shape and auric
is up again, i will upload those. They will sit in the NEW queue for
some time though.


Sven Luther

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