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Re: quik kernel size limit

On Thu, 2003-10-16 at 06:04, Chris Tillman wrote:
> Thanks Ben!!
> There is a printk in prom.c which wouldn't compile; I changed it to
> printf and it did make with some warnings, which I think were there
> before:
> 'return makes pointer from integer without a cast' 
> in chrootcpy, find_dev, and resolve_to_dev (twice)
> I installed the patched quik and just tried booting my default kernel 
> with it (2.2.20). It said:
> Starting at 75954946
> DEFAULT CATCH!, code=FFF00400 at %SAR0: 7F954C44  %SAR1  40003070

The starting address is wrong. Can you printf the value
of "entry" right before I add "IMAGE_BUF" to it ? (in the #else
part of the #if 0, in second/main.c). Let me know what the value is.

Also, try hacking: entry = (unsigned int)IMAGE_BUF; instead of
entry += (...)


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