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Re: Guide for Oldworld Powermac d-i test using BootX and netinst CD

On Wed, Oct 15, 2003 at 10:32:35PM -0700, Chris Tillman wrote:
> I tested d-i using BootX.

Cool. Tell me again though, there are some oldworld pmacs which can't do
this and need miboot, right ?

> 1) Burn a CD from 
> http://gluck.debian.org/cdimage/testing/netinst/powerpc/
> (I used the sarge-powerpc-netinst iso).
> 2) Boot into MacOS, insert the CD, and copy linux.bin and root.bin 
> from /install/powermac/ to your Linux Kernels folder in the System Folder.
> Of course, if you already have files there, you might want to rename
> these.
> 3) Start BootX. Set the Options to use a root disk, and Browse to the
> root.bin you just copied in. Make sure the no-video-driver box is
> _not_ checked (at least on my box). Add the boot argument:
> init=/linuxrc

I thought this was not necessary anymore. What is the exact status on
this ?


> 4) Save preferences, if you want, and push the Linux button.
> 5) When the machine reboots, it ejects the CD. The next screen you see
> after the boot arguments is the Language Chooser; before choosing a
> language, re-insert the CD. This will let the CD detection code detect
> it automatically. If you don't insert it now, you will get an
> opportunity later when it can't find a CD.
> 6) Test installer! The incarnation I used couldn't install the kernel
> and modules because of the missing ppcdetect. I got around this in
> console 2 by copying the kernel from /cdrom/install/powermac to
> /target/boot. If I knew more about udpkg, I could probably install
> modules also :) ... as it was, I just
> cp -R /lib/modules /target/lib/modules
> Ah, the joys of busybox with autocompletion, history, and cp -R !!
> 7) Use reboot in console 2 to quit the installer.
> 8) There is no quik-installer yet, but you can boot your installed
> system by using BootX again. Un-check the root disk option, remove
> init=/linuxrc, and type in the designation of your root partition such
> as hda6 in the space provided. I actually got it booted; my bogus
> modules didn't load, no automatic base-config yet; but we're getting
> there!

Yes, we need a volunteer to work on quik-installer.


Sven Luther

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