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Re: [ballen@gravity.phys.uwm.edu: Re: Re: HDD failing? :'( (fwd)]

On Oct Tue 14 2003 08:32, Bruce Allen wrote:
> You need a new disk.  If under warranty call Fujitsu.  They may ask you to
> run their "disk test" utility.  It will find the same problem.  If you are
> lucky you'll get someone who understand when you say "it failed the
> extended SMART self test" and they'll not make you go through the
> additional step.
> Bruce

Thank you, thank you, thank you! :) Great, lets have some hope in the
tech guys at Apple... anyone knows what is the warranty for the Apple
PowerBook 15''?? I am going to get all the manuals/stuff that came with
it (I think I brought it here :-?) and I will have a thorough look

And again, thank you all for your help!

J. Javier Maestro

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