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Re: error while compiling 2.6

> I downloaded from mvista and tried compiling. Compile fails at the
> following point:
>   CC      drivers/net/pcnet32.o
> drivers/net/pcnet32.c: In function `pcnet32_probe1':
> drivers/net/pcnet32.c:1777: error: initializer element is not constant

Known bug. Simply a forgotten closing } in an if clause in pcnet32_probe1.
See if you can spot it in the source, or look up a patch on linuxppc-dev.

> Please let me know if the source was updated in the last 24hrs..

Nope, and that error won't be fixed by the PPC people. I'll have to submit
the patch to the right person upstream yet. Only I'm fighting other issues
with 2.6 at the moment.


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