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Re: Audio problems on iBook2 (Gnome2.2/Totem)

Il dom, 2003-10-12 alle 12:21, Mathieu Segaud ha scritto:

> You need to disable libcdaudio.so (which the xmms built-in cd audio
> plugin) to get libcdread.so working fine. (just read
> /usr/share/doc/xmms-cdread).

Sorry I never mentioned it before. I knew about this problem and I
disabled the libcdread plugin (as I tried both "read digital cd audio"
and "play audio cd directly" with no effect).
Seems like it's something more tricky. When I pop in a CD I get "No CD
in /dev/hdb" (I also tried /dev/hdc and /dev/cdrom but the right one is
the last as I discovered manually mounting /dev/hdb as /cdrom with a
normal data CD).
Sic! :(

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