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Problems Installing Debian on a IBM Workstation

Help needed!


I've tried to install Debain 3.01 woody for hours without success yet.

First of all the Techspecs...
IBM RS6000 43P
Type: 7043-150
Power PC 604e
Firmware: TCP03126 last modified 2003-06-05
512MB Ram

I'm trying to install DEBIAN on my 7043-150 but it won't boot (something
like cannot open prep loader) or - if it attempts to boot (from floppy)
throws an error nagging something like "could not open deblocker"...
According to several FAQs this means something like - the kernel image
doesn't fit..... damn...

I read several faqs, tried many kernel images.... well... some won't boot at
all, some try to boot but thats it.

I've changed boot order in SMS to floppy -> cd -> hdd...

Please - can anyone gimme a hint what to try? I tried CHRP images, PREP
images (I guess this machine should be a PREP type according to many faqs)
even PowerMac Images (which work perfectly in my G3).... well... I don't get

If nothing works I'll slaughter a goat or sacrifice a chicken in order to
ban the devil out of that black box of despair... just kidding :)

Thanks for your help....

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