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Re: prelink does not work correctly on powerpc


> mplayer: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib/libavcodec.so.0.4.8:
> R_PPC_REL24 relocation at 0x0fe3d560 for symbol fwrite' out of range
Ouch. REL24 is a three-byte address space, i.e. a maximum range of 64
MBytes (two bits are saved because of 4-byte alignment).

Therefore, the definitions in src/addr-ppc.c,

#define REG0S   0x0e800000
#define REG0E   0x10000000
#define REG1S   0x00040000
#define REG1E   REG0S
#define REG2S   0x18000000
#define REG2E   0x30000000

are somewhat broken. (I don't know enough about the internals of the
prelinker to know which to touch, other than REG1S and REG2E which set
the mmap range; see the end of this file).

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