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Re: french airport cards compatible to swiss ones or vice versa

Hi Mich

First, thanks for your answer (and also to all the other posters)!

On Mittwoch, 08-Okt-03 at 20:10:40, Mich Lanners wrote:

> On   8 Oct, this message from Andreas Wüst echoed through cyberspace:
>>> > My question is, do french airport cards also work in switzerland,
>>> > or are are there small differencies concerning the frequencies
>>> > used? Of course, the reverse is also possible, i.e. swiss card for
>>> > france.
>>> French airport cards are limited to channels 10 to 13.
>> Which leads to the question which channels swiss airport cards can
>> use. Or, if no one knows, how to find that out.
> IIRC all the other countries except Japan use 1-13.

Which would mean, get a swiss card to use in france, but not a french
card to use in switzerland!?

Best wishes,

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