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Re: mplayer updates

On Tue, Oct 07, 2003 at 04:23:15PM +0200, Kristian Peters wrote:
> Can you give me some details of dependencies ? I mean, which things have you enabled/disabled in mplayer's configure-script ?

  Enabled optional drivers:
    Input: ftp network tv-v4l2 tv-v4l edl tv live.com matroska cdda dvdcss mpdvdkit2 vcd smb     Codecs: flac(external) xvid libdv libavcodec.so real xanim faad2 libvorbis libmad liblzo gif 
    Audio output: alsa9 esd oss sdl mpegpes(dvb) 
    Video output: xvidix cvidix dxr3 sdl gif89a jpeg png mpegpes(dvb) fbdev aa ggi xmga mga opengl dga xv x11 xover tga tdfxfb 3dfx 
  Disabled optional drivers:
    Input: tv-bsdbt848 dvdread 
    Codecs: qtx opendivx dshow/dmo win32 libtheora 
    Audio output: sgi sun arts dxr2 nas win32 macosx 
    Video output: winvidix bl zr dxr2 directx vesa svga xvmc directfb tdfx_vid

 -- Guido

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