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hi list, 1rst post here..glup! ahemm..

Needing help here for getting through with a linux install on my tibook 500mhz, the disk partition has already been done, a debian hard drive space of 8gig waiting for it. [havent got yet to put my hands on mac fdisk.

I have d/l'd a gentoo-ppc live cd but it gives a kernel panic all the times just after checking all the hardware components, freeing unused kernel memory and using cloop.o then:

insmod: init_module:cloop: invalid argument
mount: Mounting/dev/cloop on /mnt/live/iso failed
cp wont work
no such device
no such file

kernel panic

no matter if i try to boot it live or live-safe i get the same list of errors, yesterday i tried a new g4 12" and the same thing happened i guess it cant be the cd, since i see the penguin up there and the kernel is loaded, i'm courious if one could use the contents of the cd to do the install on that partition. so far i havent found clues on how to follow from the cd to the hd, meaning that i want to go straigh to the mac fdisk inside the cd, create the linux partitions and install from there...if that is possible.

sorry for such a naive question but i hope someone can give me a hand perhaps off list or with any url that might be there and i havent yet found.

thnkx k
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