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On lun, oct 06 09:26 
raffaele.salmaso@libero.it wrote :


> image=/boot/vmlinux-2.4.22-raf2
>         label=linux
>         append="hdb=ide-scsi"
>         read-only

That means you're using your cdrom drive with scsi emulation. You can
safely remove ide-cdrom module. I've got only scsi in my kernel, with
every scsi stuff in modules. You should also create /etc/modutils/cdrw
with these lines :

pre-install sg modprobe ide-scsi
pre-install sr_mod modprobe ide-scsi

And then update-modules and reboot.

HTH, regards.

Lucas Moulin <lucas@brebis.org>
"Conviction is the luxury of those of the side lines"

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