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Re: CPU and Memory usage of XFree86

OoO En cette nuit nuageuse du jeudi 02 octobre 2003, vers 01:43,
Nirmal Govind <nirmalg@psu.edu> disait:

>> X server memory consumption is a FAQ and has recently been discussed
>> here, but the X server should normally never hog the CPU (and it doesn't
>> here) unless there are clients flooding it with requests. If there are
>> no suspect clients, does the CPU hogging prevail over an X server
>> restart? Does it feel responsive?
> When I startx after a reboot for instance, XFree86 takes up around
> 3-4% of my 640MB memory.. and it's cpu usage varies from 0.7% to
> 15%... in addition, kdeinit seems to take around 3% of memory.. so
> yes, it does feel responsive but right after X is started, around
> 160MB of memory is already used up, w/ nothing but a shell terminal
> open... is this normal?

Don't look at memory usage of X, it is normal that top or ps report
very high amounts ; X does not really use this memory. Search google
for "XFree86 3dfx map memory", I think you will find the explanation.
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