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Re: Advansys driver freezes kernel

As I understand, the problem before was using bitfields in the structs
mapped onto the device registers. However, I just looked at the current
version of the driver, and those are all gone. There's even an explicit
comment about why they were converted. Other than that, it's likely to
be something slightly more subtle. Without knowing the driver code
better, it's hard to say.

	Brad Boyer

On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 08:36:12PM -0700, Robert Persson wrote:
> What would it be likely to take to fix the driver?  I learned C a long time 
> ago, but I am not an expert and I wouldn't have time to do a really major 
> engineering project.  Would it just be a question of trawling through the 
> source code and changing little-endian things into big-endian things in 
> some kind of fairly obvious way, or would it be much more complicated than 
> that?

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