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please explain to me

I have a g3 powerbook -firewire (pismo).
I would appreciate someone explain to me how to find or determine the proper terms to use when associating a module to something the kernel will recognize. example: for my powerbooks ethernet hardware- how do I know that it should be :
alias eth0 gmac
alias ethernet gmac
The sound is the most confusing to me. Dmesg reports an Awacs/Screamer. I have seen in the mail list a dmasound_awacs but the only module in my kernel for powermac I find is a dmasound_pmac and dmasound_core. On the net I have seen how others have associated sound modules.
example below:
 alias char-major-14 soundcore
 alias sound-slot-0 dmasound_pmac
 alias char-major-14-3 dmasound_pmac
 alias /dev/dsp dmasound_pmac
 alias sound-service-0-0 i2c-keywest
 alias char-major-14-0 i2c-keywest
 alias /dev/mixer i2c-keywest

This is confusing to me:
1-- /dev/dsp is char-major-14-3 so why is it listed both ways??????????
2--Why is it nessary to list char-major-14 and char-major-14-3???????????
3--How is it that sound-slot-0 and char-major-14-3 are associated to the same module???????? 4--How does one know that char-major-14 is associated to soundcore rather than dmasound_pmac or dmasound_core or something else?????????????????
5--How do I know that I need i2c-keywest?????????????????????????????

An answer to each question would not help me as much as information that would enable me to figure out the answers.

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