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Re: Installing onto external FireWire drive.

On Tuesday, September 30, 2003, at 10:54 PM, Chris Tillman wrote:

I believe the powerpc installation kernel doesn't include drivers for
Firewire. You would need to obtain or compile a kernel that does, and
substitute it for the linux.bin you are using, or load the module
separately (I'm not quite sure how this is done).

Indeed--according to a HOWTO for Yellow Dog Linux, you also have to build a new root.bin; in fact, the impression I got is that the new-powerpc kernel (which I'm using) does have Firewire modules, but they're not loaded in the RAM disk. I'm probably mistaken, though.

Is there any way to get the installer to recognize the firewire drive?
(Do I need a different linux.bin and/or root.bin, and if so, where can
I get them?) Failing that, is there any way to install on that drive

This is my first Linux installation, though I do have experience with
Darwin, so I can understand some Unix-speak.  :)

This is the hard way to go for your first installation. Do have a few
hundred meg available on an ide drive?

I do, but I was really hoping to avoid re-partitioning that drive. 120GB hard drives are a wonderful thing for video--my main line--but rather nasty to backup on ten to twenty DVD-RWs. :)

I suppose the alternative might be to crack open my iMac, take the Firewire drive out of its enclosure, put it on the IDE bus, and install Debian, then put the drive back into Firewire.

Or... maybe I'll just do a backup.  :)


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