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Re: old story ... debian on a beige G3

On  18 Sep, this message from Chris Tillman echoed through cyberspace:
>> What version of quik are you using, and did you search the list
>> archives? Some 6 months ago there was a discussion which led to the
>> conclusion that quik was buggy for G3 systems. I don't know whether a
>> fixed version of quik is available, though... Anybody knows?
> The fixed version of quik is mentioned in the install doc, the link is 
> http://www.cpu.lu/~mlan/ftp/quik-first.b-g3

LOL... I know that site, it's mine :-)

> I have pointed a couple of people here, but have not heard the results.

Yeah, well, the question was rather whether any .deb includes a fixed
quik. I checked; the woody version does _not_ work on G3's, but the
testing/unstable version does.

What kind of bug do I need to file against quik to get the updated
version into woody/proposed-updates?



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