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Re: Debian on new 15" AlBooks?

On Wed, Sep 17, 2003 at 05:51:11AM -0600, Wes Morgan wrote:
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> Do we have any idea yet how well Debian will work on the new 15" AlBooks? I'm 
> thinking of getting one, but if the Linux compatibility is too much better in 
> the old 15" TiBooks (the revision right before these new AlBooks), I may grab 
> one of them.

Well, DRI won't work on the Radeon mobility 9600 included in this one. I
think we should start a petition or other such to ask ATI about either :

  - providing docs for the DRI project to have someone start working on
  the R300 core (even if it is only later, when R400 or something is


  - make a powerpc build of their proprietary drivers. Hoping that they
    are endian clean, and not too messy.

or both, that is.

The first is naturally more satisfactory, but would need someone to
write the actual driver which may take a long time, the second being of
more immediate benefit, but it stays binary only drivers, with all the
problems that comes with it.

Also some king of counting people buying apple (or other powerpc)
hardware to run linux on it will maybe be a good deciding factor for the
ATI executive to go forward in either of those routes. my guess is that
they need something like a 5000 monthly volume or so to consider the
second, and that they are not really all that keen on the first one.


Sven Luther

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