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Recompiling Kernel on G4 PowerMac Gigabit dual 450Mhz


Sometime ago I managed to recompile a 2.4.18 SMP kernel and most things
work OK but a few issues remain:

Poor sound quality
Lack of video
I've just added memory but only 512Mb are recognised
Can't seem to read CD's or Zip files

I've recently tried to recompile to include HighMem and rectify some of
the above issues but the new kernels I've tried won't startx and
recompiling again gives errors after I've made changes.  I've lost my
original config file and so have to start again from scratch.  I'm still
using the original SMP kernel.

Are there any docs that give an idiots guide to config selection for
this machine?

Graphics card is ATI Rage 128



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