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Re: [Q]IBM's Java 1.4.1 with IBM's JIT


> > > (sadly, the only one available to us ppc'ers)

Of course there is the Balckdown JDK 1.3.1 for PPC Linux that does work (I use 
it to build OOo with) but you are right the Blackdown organization really 
could use some pleople that understand the PPC instruction set well-enough to 
help out on the HotSpot port (and yes there are 2 people working on it now 
part-time but progress is really slow).

So if you would like to see an alternative build, please volunteer to help 
write it.

BTW: IBM research jvm will run on PPC Linux, as does Kaffe, and as does 
gcj/gij and you can even remove the SWT code form Eclipse and compile it with 
gcj and get graphical widget code compiled to all native code actually 


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